The research to the Van der Schaaff, Vander Schaaff and Vanderschaaff surnames resulted in more than 900 persons. These can be found in the Surname List.

This Surname List consists of these pedigrees:

  • The first describes the Johannes Ipes (b.1735) pedigree. This includes immigrants from the Netherlands to the USA.
  • The second tree is Jan Hendrik van der Schaaff, 6 generations in size.
  • The third tree is of Johan Hendrik van der Schaaff, 4 generations in size.
  • The fourth tree is of Maximiliaan Lodewijk van der Schaaff, 2 generations in size.
  • The fifth tree is Folkert Johannes.
  • The sixth tree is Johanna van der Schaaff, this probably belongs in the Jan Hendrik tree (still under research), 2 generations.

The family-tree of Johannes Ipes describes 8 generations and goes back to 1735. This tree also includes the US immigrants. It was Jan Jans of 1800 that immigrated in 1849 with his wife Jennetje Ruurds de Jong and their kids. A link with the Jan Hendrik tree is not yet found (but is expected), but there's plenty of data still to be processed!

I've received a lot of input from Thelma Heil from Clymer, NY, Curt VanderSchaaff, Corry, PA and Bertis J. VanderSchaaff III and still expect some more from our distant American relatives.

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Sonja Eskind - Van der Schaaff (Indiana, USA) wrote on November 29, 1999: "I will try to see if I can get some more information from the people around Erie, Pennsylvania here. They came from Friesland to America (Hudson) around 1853. They actually write their names as 'van der Schaaff, with two ff's."

I've received a lot of data from Bram van der Schaaff (b.1919) and I thank him for that!

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Data of the second Van der Schaaff family-tree was supplied by Erik van der Schaaff. This used to be the Johan Hendrik tree, but we traced his ancestors back to Johannes.

So far there is no link with the Jan Hendrik van der Schaaff tree.

The Johan Hendrik van der Schaaff family originates from the Leeuwarden vincinity in the Netherlands (Friesland).

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Information about this third tree is provided by Ileana Melita van der Schaaff.

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Jumping back in time, hoping to find the connections to the already known trees.

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The Johanna van der Schaaff and related Hakkenbroek family are expected to link into the Jan Hendrik tree.

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